How Long Should Your HVAC System Last?

Your HVAC system can last up to 25 years with regular maintenance and proper use. While some repairs may need to take place over the years, or some components may need changing out, many units are kept in working order for an average of 15 years. The newer, more energy-efficient models are rapidly replacing the older styles because they reduce electricity bills and are generally more efficient in every aspect of the heating and cooling systems. Some of the numerous conditions that impact the lifespan of HVAC equipment include all of the following:

  • Little-to-No Regular Maintenance
  • Initial Components are Defective or Bad Quality initial quality or defective components
  • Installation of the Wrong Size System
  • Improper Installation Procedures
  • Tremendously High Usage or High Loads
  • Improper Usage, such as Running Heating or Cooling with Open Windows and Doors
  • Installation in Salty or Corrosive Environments like Coastal Areas

The most detrimental things to the lifespan of your HVAC system are poor maintenance and installation of a system that is too large or too small for your space. If you don’t have regular maintenance performed on your system—at least on an annual basis—the system’s components may wear out sooner than they should. And, if your system is not the right size, it can lead to on-and-off cycling that is detrimental to the system’s motor. Contact American AC services for all of the services you need for HVAC in Bradenton.




The Benefits of Sleeping in a Cold Room

You can benefit in a number of ways by keeping your bedroom cooler when you sleep. As day turns into night, our body temperatures drop, indicating that it’s time to wind down and try to rest. If the place where you sleep is kept cooer, you are reinforcing the body’s natural sleep instincts. A hot room or one that’s too warm may block the signal for sleep, which means it will take you longer to fall asleep.

Sleeping in a cold room is believed by many to be good for your health. But the reasons why are not well-known. However, there is fairly recent research from the National Institutes of Health that suggests “sleeping in a cool room could have some calorie-burning health benefits.” One of the reasons for sleeping in a cold room is thought to be better is because it helps to initiate rest. Around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit are the body temperatures you reach as you sleep. The ideal sleeping temperature falls anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, which is your natural body temperature when you sleep.

Also, when we sleep in a cold room, the quality of our sleep should improve, which means we are more rested upon waking. When you need your AC to perform just the way you like at night on in the day, contact American AC Services. We provide air conditioning service in Bradenton, as well as in Myakka City, Lido Beach, Sarasota, Palmetto, Siesta Key, and Longboat Key.


Choosing an HVAC Contractor

When it comes to residential heating, cooling, or air quality services, it’s crucial to select a contractor that is reputable and trustworthy. Here are some tips to follow while you’re in the process of selecting a contractor to assist you with maintenance or repairs.

Ask for referrals

Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for contractor referrals. You can also contact local trade organizations for names of members in your area.

Test their knowledge
Before allowing a contractor to provide any repair, maintenance or installation services, you should ensure that they know all state and local regulations, including permit requirements.  Ask how their company keeps their staff up-to-date with the newest developments in equipment and technology, or if they are fully aware of any environmental impact involved with the HVAC industry. You should also verify that their technicians meet state certification requirements.

Seek professionalism
A contractor should have a license and insurance to ensure safety and liability for both parties. A professional contractor will also be upfront about pricing by providing a free estimate, and thoroughly reviewing any paperwork with you before starting any work.

Look for American-made products
If you are in need of AC repair in Bradenton, FL, consider a company that aims to keep America strong by using American-made products.

Reasons to Invest in Preventative Maintenance for Your HVAC System

Your furnace, boiler, and air conditioner units are all pivotal parts of what keeps your family or staff comfortable in their spaces at home or in the office. Having annual preventative maintenance performed on this equipment can help you avoid inconvenient and costly emergencies. The following are some reasons to consider a protection plan for your heating and cooling system.

The longevity of your equipment is determined by how often maintenance is performed on the systems. Annual tune-ups can be a huge part of the solution to costly repairs. Chances are you wouldn’t drive your car for 50,000 miles without getting an oil change, as you’d know you’d be asking for trouble; the same idea holds true for your heating and cooling system.

Lower Costs

An emergency visit from a technician will typically be more expensive than keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance. Consider maintenance in the overall cost of the system when considering a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or heat pump system. Preventative maintenance will also help ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency, which can mean big savings on your energy bill.

Peace of Mind

As the summer months arrive, investing in a preventative air conditioning service in Bradenton will give you peace of mind by knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ve already taken steps to make the situation as smooth as possible.




Signs You Need an AC Repair

You never want to be without air conditioning in Florida. Summer can last far into the fall months and the humidity level can be unpleasant. That’s why it makes sense to ensure your AC doesn’t conk out on you in the middle of the harsh summer. Seasonal checkups can help with taking care of minor problems before they grow into costly and larger problems. Some of the most common signs to look for when you suspect you may have an issue with your AC system are:

  • Warm Air Blowing Out
  • Air Flow Is Weak
  • Thermostat Not Accurate
  • Unusual Noises from Your Unit
  • Unpleasant Smells
  • High Level of Humidity in Your Home
  • Leaking of Freon or Water
  • Rising Utility Bills
  • Unit Is More than 10 Years Old

Any of these issues may indicate you need an AC repair in Bradenton from American AC Services. We are happy to give you a free estimate and let you know whether it’s worth it for you to get your system repaired or it’s better to choose to purchase a new unit. We provide services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Myakka City, Lido Beach, Sarasota, Palmetto, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and Bradenton, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.